Heswall Disabled Children’s Holiday Fund hosts a completely free week-long summer camp each August for up to 30 children aged 9-15 years, from North West England, who have physical disabilities.

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Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

We're delighted to announce that we've been awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, the MBE for volunteer groups. Thank you to the people that nominated us, and especially to all the volunteers and campers that have made the camp such a success over the last almost-60 years!

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There have been students from the University at every summer camp since 1976, and there has been a close link with Manor Hall since 1984, where the annual helpers’ reunion dinner and walk (see below) has been held since 1988.

The camp is one of the hall’s two official charities (the other is Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, West Bengal for Anglo-Indian children from Calcutta), a report on the activities of the camp is made bi-annually to the hall committee, and the hall’s charity committee raises money on behalf of the camp.

The hall helps the camp committee with some secretarial assistance. Helpers include former and current members of the Senior and Junior Common Rooms and usually account for a quarter to a third of all the helpers. Former officers of the J.C.R. involved include Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Treasurers and Bar Managers.


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